The contemporary brick slips - lightweight and available in a multitude of colours and textures - give old and new buildings the character of beautiful, authentic masonry and offer an abundance of aesthetic options for new developments and renovations alike, as well as for restoration and interior design. The minimal thickness of the stone slips offers a range of architectural advantages. Give your existing façade a fresh new look in no time flat.

Rijswaard Baksteen has recently acquired a sophisticated sawmill that allows us to dry-cut bricks into brick slips.

The dry cutting process was made possible by the development of this new machine. The main advantage is that the sawdust does not stick to the brick slips, but can be easily extracted. This means that the stone arrives at the construction site with minimal dust. 

De Rijswaard operates the stripcutting machine in-house.  Baking the bricks and cutting the brick slips is therefore done at the same location. This saves on logistics and costs, but is also beneficial from a sustainability point of view due to the savings on transport. De Rijswaard can cut up to 20,000 slips a day.

When cutting, De Rijswaard utilises both sides of the stone. De Rijswaard cuts corner pieces in a single operation. There is therefore no adhesive in the corner and no seam is visible. Virtually every Rijswaard brick can be cut into brick slips.

De Rijswaard also cuts paving bricks, which are bricks that have been cut in half lengthwise.

Kess 2

Stepped insulation system with brick slips.

De Rijswaard has recently entered into a partnership with Kess Isolierklinker. De Rijswaard's brick slips are submersed in Polyurethane (PU or Pur).

The advantages of this are: 

  • Up to 7.27 R-value
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Extra security with self-designed plugs
  • Convenient system, can be installed by one person
  • Bevelled corners are also available
  • Meets all fire safety requirements 
  • Stepped system, so not a single brick strip needs to be glued
  • Can be used directly in insulated timber frame construction (HSB)
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